Food Delivery Trolley BTT
Box-Trolley-Tray at work
WASO: Japanese Lunch Delivery in London

The Trolley for those with excellent taste!

BTT – the Box-Trolley-Tray – especially for customers in the gastronomic sector.

Two shallow, wall-to-wall floors offer a large storage space for sandwiches, filled rolls, drinks, fast food, slow food, as well as for small and large parcels, toolkits, newspaper bundles, coin cases, holiday brochures, folders, shoe boxes, catalogues, muesli packets, give-aways, replacement parts, CD’s or DVD’s, and much, much more.

Hand-made Japanese food for the City!

Even the juiciest of deals can be scuppered by an empty stomach …

Money never sleeps and doesn’t have time for lengthy lunch breaks.

And so WASO brings the City of London fresh, succulent and healthy Japanese food directly to the office. Delivered using ten new BTT food delivery trolleys with a custom-designed holder for trays and their individual brand.

With their large, smooth-rolling wheels, the trolleys can easily manoeuvre through the pulsating financial hub, while the trim exterior dimensions allow them to dart in and out of the crowded streets as slickly as the famous London taxi cab.