Abb. viadukt Hunter Tricycle, daneben Jäger mit Jagdhund. Im Hintergrund Wald.

Say adieu to traffic jams and searching for a parking space, auf Wiedersehen to those long detours to delivery addresses …

Goodbye to all that, and hello to car-free zones and pedestrian areas.

All at unbeatably low prices with high reliability and CO2 neutral.
Our cargo tricycle is not intended to dazzle: Just tried & tested technology and a robust steel frame to secure delivery whatever the weather.

The powerful 250W motor on the front wheel gives the trike great maneuverability, even letting you turn 180 degrees on the spot! That’s perfect for cutting through busy city traffic.

If you wish, the sturdy loading platform with tarpaulin can be supplied in your company colour and logo/design. Other attachments can be finished according to customer requirements.

Whether food delivery or city logistics, whether caretaker or craftsman, John Doe brings everything you need from A to B without a hitch. Guaranteed.

An honest trike: John Doe