viadukt Postal Trolley PT400

The postal trolley PT400 combines large transportation volume (225 litres) and smallest possible space due to its optimized external dimensions. One big advantage of the postal trolley is the feasibility to store parcels, bulk goods, carrier bags or up to 6 post boxes.

To protect the mail against unauthorized access, our Mr. Perfect has a lockable lid.

The collapsible post trolley with large capacity (around 110 litres) and lockable lid (snap-in lock) is simple to fold up, and when empty it can fit into an estate car or a smaller car with seats turned back.

The lockable lid keeps mail safe when the delivery person leaves the trolley unattended for a brief moment.

viadukt Postal Trolley PT200

The Box Trolley BT6 for six mail container combines large volume in the smallest possible space.

Due to the covering of tough tarpaulin the mail is protected against wind and rain. Another advantage of the 2in1 is its slim design, that enables the postman to store two Trolleys in one Minivan. (Two in one)

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